Chapter One : I am born!

Or: a blog is born. I myself was not born today. Or even yesterday. Although in the world of books, it does often feel that way, there is so much to learn that it’s dizzying.

In fact, myself and my father opened our bookshop doors to the public over three years ago now. We are based in Co Clare in the west of Ireland, and we sell second-hand books, rare books, new books of local interest and any interesting book or book-related object that we can get our hands on! Since that autumn day in September 2006, we have been (literally) up to our eyes in books- living, breathing, dreaming them (more on the dreams later….). And now can’t imagine being any other way.

This blog is an attempt to record the happenings in Scéal Eile Books, the treasures we find, the characters we encounter and what we learn when our noses are in a book and outside of one.

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