Eddie Lenihan – Storyteller.

In these days of deepest gloom and doom, when the radio or television can’t be turned on for fear of hearing about the recession, a volcano eruption or (perhaps strangest of all!) an earthquake in West Clare, what better way to escape than into the magical world of our oldest form of entertainer – the ‘seanchaí’ (or traditional storyteller)?

For many years now, Eddie Lenihan has been recognised as Ireland’s greatest living seanchaí.

His stories open a window into our imaginative inner world – where we are suddenly and miraculously free from the baggage of the inane and everyday;  where the rules of physics and rationality don’t apply – time can expand accordian-like, transforming a day into years, reducing a lifetime to minutes. It is a world where the rules don’t apply; where things happen in threes, in sevens or multiples of these magical numbers; where beautiful and grostesque creatures live side-by-side – or indeed inside the same skin ; where children can be transformed into goblins and old women into beautiful maidens; where the the stream that seperates dreams from nightmares has been muddied; and nothing is as it seems.

This is the realm of Eddie Lenihan.

Within minutes of opening one of his books, the mundane world around us fades and we cross the treshold into his world. It is less escapism, and more of a return to an imaginative landscape we inherited from our ancestors. An experienced not to be missed!

Eddie Lenihan regularly tells stories in Scéal Eile Books, in front of a blazing fire.

He currently has nine books in print – popular titles include “Meeting the Other Crowd – The Fairy Stories of Hidden Ireland” , “In Search of Biddy Early”, “In The Tracks of the West Clare Railway”“Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic” (beautifully illustrated by Alan Clarke) , “The Devil is an Irishman”, “Strange Irish Tales for Children” and “Long Ago by Shannonside”  –  signed copies are available of all of these titles from Scéal Eile Books, Market St., Ennis or from our online store. A personalised signed copy can be sent on request.

Three Cds are currenly available which showcase Eddie’s inimitable style of storytelling – “Storyteller 1 & 2” (Double Cd), “Fionn MacCumhail and the Púca / Fionn MacCumhail and the Dark Pool” (Double CD), “Saint Patrick was a Gentleman”.

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