“Outsider : The Life and Times of a Latter Day Hunter Gatherer” by Del Harding

“This book is not for the politically correct.

Nor is it for the po-faced, the nit-pickers, or the followers of the ‘straight and narrow’.

On the other hand, the free spirits among us will welcome it, the older ones with nostalgia, the younger with envy. So also will the lovers of the wild places, the anglers and the outdoorsmen. It is a book for the dreamer, the armchair adventurer, but also for the realist for whom the feel of rain on the face, wind in one’s hair and tang of the sea is the very breath of existence. It is for all those who value the freedom to be who you are without the constraints of society’s straitjacket of conformity.

It is a book of the countryside, fishing, nature, dogs, hunting and survival, but above all it is the true story of a small boy, born a hundred years too late, stubbornly refusing to accept the parameters of the society in which he is growing up. It is a tale of crazy adventures, some hair-raising, some hilarious, concomitant with a footloose lifestyle. It is the story of an ‘outsider’.

A word of warning: don’t let your teenage son read this book, or likely one fine morning he will be gone, his fishing rod and sleeping bag missing, and a note on the mantelpiece, ‘See you in a couple of years – maybe’.

· Have you ever fallen off a 300 ft cliff and survived?

· Have you ever caught a rapist/murderer?

· Have you ever been in a sinking boat at night, miles from solid land?

· Have you ever trodden on a golden eagle?

· Have you ever eaten a mouse, or a fox, or a coypu?

· Have you ever stalked a black panther, or a red deer stag?

· Have you ever survived on shellfish and seaweed for weeks on end?

· Have you ever lived in a cave? Or a windmill? Or slept out under the stars in midwinter?

· Did you ever hitch-hike 40 miles carrying a dead swan over your shoulder?

The author has. It’s all in the book”

Available to buy online here.

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