Book Launch – ‘Spirit of the Burren’

On Friday 28th February at 5.30pm in Scéal Eile Books, Jackie Queally launched her 9th book – ‘Spirit of the Burren’.

Described by renowned poet Gabriel Rosenstock as “a wise, insightful and exhilarating book”, ‘Spirit of the Burren’ presents an alternative view of the Burren. 
Using her knowledge of ley lines, early Christian philosophy, and electro magnetism, Jackie presents the Burren’s landscape through a new genre which she calls ‘Spiritual Geography’. 
Based on both historical research and her interest in an evolving higher consciousness, ‘Spirit of the Burren’ is an unusual guide to an ancient landscape, intended to be both informational and inspiring.
Jackie Queally combined a successful niche tour business in Scotland with supplementary guide books for a decade before moving to Ireland to continue her work and interest in earth energies and sacred sites.  She has been researching the spirituality of landscapes in Ireland.  She also teaches dowsing and is a therapist with a keen interest in ecotherapy.
‘Spirit of the Burren’ is available to buy from Scéal Eile Books at €15.

‘Spirit of the Burren’

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